2 of our favorite things about Switzerland, and there are many, are the cheese and the Thermes! 

I, with my nose in the air dismissed going to Gruyere, thinking it would be another touristy gimmick of a town--I couldn't have been more wrong! The old town was set within ancient walls and was filled with modern restaurants and fabulous galleries. There was a bar where the ceiling and chairs were made of bones (albeit fake, but cool nonetheless--see pic). We spent a couple of hours hanging out in this impressive town and then did the requisite cheese factory tour the next day. So glad we didn't miss this one. 

If the Jungfrau is the place between heaven and earth, then the Vals Therme IS absolute heaven!!  The Therme is listed as a protected building. Photos of the Therme have been published around the world: "A lesson in courage and aesthetics", "a unique archaic bathing and therapy landscape replete with quiet sensuality", "a spa such as the has never been seen before". I was on a quest to see this place, so despite the fact that Vince had a gash in his head from falling that morning and Steve's general resistance--I pushed onwards. In one of the more harrowing, we've had SO many, drives round hundreds of blind curves where numerous semis carrying Vals water were waiting for us--we made it. Oh, and was it ever worth it. Please see above quote for the sublime description and my pics below. Don't like that this is a footnote, but forgot to talk about Chateau de Chillion, truly the best castle we've seen! Check out the website for more: http://www.chillon.ch/en/NOTE: 2 Sets of Pictures