Germany, Yes Again


I've lost count of how many times we've been in Germany now, but we are yet to tire of this beautiful and vibrant country. This time our aim was to follow the "Fairy Tale Road" and visit various towns where the Grimm brothers set their tales. We didn't last long on this "high on marketing, low on delivery" section. We took matters into our own hands and found a real castle to sleep in. The castle wasn't much to write about, but the surrounding forest was downright ethereal. 
We took a hike just above the castle and were transported to medieval times.  The path was rimmed with moss covered boulders and lined with a huge canopy of trees and the mist hung in the air. As a means to motivate Vince, Adele weaved a most wonderful tale of Marlin the Knight and there were clues throughout the forest. It was magical. 

From castles to cars, we visited the amazing Mercedes Benz museum--highly recommend. 

We are not done with Germany, we will be back in a few days to visit the Porsche museum and our dear friends, Jana, Mira and Stephan who lived down the street from us on Clifftop Way for a year, and then to drop off the HOW.