Props and Drops - things we like and things we don't

Keen's - Adele's in Wadi Rum, Jordan

If I were a kid I would never take off my Keens.  They are so much cooler than Crocs.  Adele has been wearing her pair all trip and loves them.  They are great in any conditions, high in the mountains or down low in the desert.  Here they are taking the full brunt of a hike out in the Jordanian desert.  Probably the coolest part about them is that they let the red sand in and turn your socks red when you run down sand dunes.

North Face Duffel - Near a camel crossing outside of Amman


I love this duffel.  It is the middle size one that you can carry as a backpack, which I do most of the time.  The thing holds all of mine and Vincent’s stuff for the year on the road.  Yes, we each have a small carry one but that’s it.  Everything else is in here.  It is strong as an ox, battle and road tested.  It has been jumped on, sat upon, slept on, eaten on, tossed, turned, thrown, carried and everything in between.  And so far it has come out the other side unscathed.  

Seen here at a camel crossing somewhere outside of Amman, Jordan

Patagonia - Down Sweater


This is the famed “puffy coat.”  I can now say, without a doubt, this is the one jacket I will take with me always. Rain, snow, sunshine, hot, cold, none of it matters in the puffy coat.  It is technically a “down sweater” but we all prefer to call it what it is.  I have worn it at the beach in Malibu, skiing in Mammoth, fly-fishing in Jackson Hole, in the rain in Portland, all across Europe and now on the Eiger just to make sure it can hold its own at higher elevations.  I prefer basic black with scotch tape covering small rips and tears.  

When we go to Asia I may get one in burnt orange.  

Sanuk Flips - from Beckers in Malibu


I can’t say enough about these flips. You can wear them anywhere, anytime for any occasion and they fit right in.  I always feel like I am in a Jack Johnson song when I wear them (btw the new album is great).  Sure they may cost a few bucks more than my pair from Old Navy but I only wear those in campsite showers.  The Sanuks go everywhere.  Buy them now!  Do not wait or you will be sorry you did…

Pictured in action somewhere in Denmark

Vasque's from REI


So when I was a kid I started wearing Vasque boots when I got my first pair as a hand me down from my mother of all people.  I never looked back.  This pair hails from REI in Santa Monica.  I got them at the used equipment sale for almost half off.  Smartest move I made planning for this trip.  They are indestructible, dry as a bone, warm and toasty and they look cool sitting on rocks high up in the Norwegian fjords.

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