Things I've Loved About the Past Month:
1.  Paris, everything about it including the Burger Royale from McDonalds
2.  Watching our courageous kids try out new languages with the locals
3.  The Dutch and their lovely country
4.  The castles and beautiful drive along the Rhine River in Germany
5.  The big hearted German campsite director who yelled at us constantly in hopes that we might understand her better... she was impressed when I counted to 10!
6.  Our all day family bike ride through the stunning Holland veld
7.  The German immigration center in Bremerhaven
8. Reading the fantastic book "A Little History of the World" with Adele
9.  Biting my tongue as my little "Earth Ranger" picks up trash all over the world because if he doesn't he "won't be an earth ranger"
10. Jogging alongside Adele while she rides a bike and keeps saying things like, "are you tired yet?" or "go faster mom". 
11. The Hotel Hesselet in Nybourg, Denmark--i especially like it's double sinks, separate bath AND shower:)

Things I'm looking forward to:

1. A decent pedicure
2.  Shopping for a fabulous pair of Italian made roman sandals in Milan for Adele and myself
3.  Kids cooking camp in Tuscany
4.  A call from friends/family telling us they are flying over to meet us somewhere fun
5.  Eating Turkish food, staying in a cave hotel and seeing the rock formations at Copadoccia
6.  Vinnie eating something other than crackers, bananas or yogurt
7.  Adele's next video blog
8.  The fjords of Norway
9.  Swiss fondue, and the Alps of course

Things I plan to do sooner rather than later:

1.  Make my morrocan stew in the HOW, or much less ambitious--just go to Morroco for the real thing
2.  Learn a few basic words in Norwegian and Swedish--attempt to teach kids
3.  Celebrate the birthdays of my baby boy and my doula and dear friend Michelle, who helped bring him into this world on HER birthday!
4. Get a pair of proper walking shoes, my rubber flip flops just aren't cutting it.
5.  Laundry, always doing laundry.....