I can't believe it's been 2 weeks since I've posted anything. I don't feel so bad as I know Steve is posting daily blow by blow on Dad's Perspective. 

Norway was spectacular! I had no opinons going in and perhaps that open mindedness was a blessing as I was able to truly enjoy every part of this beautiful country. My last post said it all in that words have no place in this land of awesome beauty, hence more pics to drool over. I will say we also loved the cities: Bergen and Oslo, especially Oslo. We were there on a beautiful, rare, sunny day and were completely enchanted by it's sophistication and accessibility. We walked all over and enjoyed the parks and museums, see Dad's Perspective for specifics. 
The guidebook warns us that there are no superlatives great enough to describe Norway’s stunning scenery and they couldn’t be more accurate. We haven’t even gotten to the famous fjords and our eyes and brains cannot take in all of this beauty.

The people are warm and friendly, the wifi (my new gauge for a country) free and each campsite more gorgeous than the next.

BTW, it's freezing here!