Paris is quite the city!! Our apartment is wonderful and in a great section called Village St. Paul--very quaint and beautiful. It's right by the Seine River and easy to get anywhere via the metro. 
We were at the Jardin du Luxembourg hanging out in the playground and in walks a familiar looking face--ended up being a Malibu/Webster family! We didn't know the Suprenants beforehand, but had a great small world experience. 
Yesterday we took a train out to see the Versailles look-a-like, Chateau de Vaux-Le-Vicomte. It was fantastic! No crowds, unbelievable gardens. We spent the entire day there just wandering around and telling stories (yes, some made up) about castle life in the 17th century. Oh to be royalty back then!
Our dining experiences have been fun--we've just wandered around looking for restaurants packed with Parisians (on the recommendation of some guide book) and it's been very successful. We dined with an American couple from the Bronx and and English couple from Manchester.