We arrive at our destination, Sirmione, an indescribably quaint Italian lake town at 4 pm on the last Sunday of summer. Why you ask does this matter? Well, we had to drive through impossibly narrow streets (you can touch both sides)  filled with (I kid you not) thousands of human beings wondering why there was a vehicle in a pedestrian only town. Despite all the fjord and country road training Steve has had on this trip NOTHING prepared him for this. Possibly the most stressful 20 minutes of our trip was spent driving thru these medieval streets to get to our hotel at the end of point in the middle of Lago di Garda. By the time we got there, we were willing to pay any amount of money to have someone else drive our car out of there. 
Sirmione is a beautiful town filled with fantastic restaurants and lots of Italians. We had many good meals and saw some awesome Roman ruins, but the weather wasn't quite warm enough and Vince had an issue with the "cuzzi". We've come to find that that the Italians like their jacuzzis cold?! WE don't. We had calmed down after our 3 day stay and got up at the crack of dawn to insure "light" pedestrian traffic for our drive out--we made it. 

Real Balsalmic Vinegar from Modena and Ferraris

As most of you know, Adele is quite the connoisseur of balsamic vinegar and Vince of race cars, so we found kid heaven in Modena. We went on a personal tour of the home of one of the founders of "traditional" balsamic vinegar from Modena. I want you all to know, if it doesn't say "traditional from Modena" on it, it's not real. And you can taste the difference. What a thrill to be in the home of the matriarch of the movement to distinguish the home brewed concoction from the factory watered down version. To top off the day, we visited the Ferrari Museum. I would like to think that Vince is well rounded and would enjoy a day at the Louvre as much as looking at race cars, but not true. Vince was absolutely transfixed with these bright red vehicles. He literally sat for 1/2 an hour just staring, we finally had to peel him out of there. See pics. A great town to vist--who would have known.