We had been looking forward to our week in Ravello for some time. It would be the first time we were to have a visitor from home--Denise. It was a magical week filled with beautiful scenery, making new friends and spending quality time with an old one and visiting one of the most incredible ancients sites in the world--Pompeii. 

Villa Scarpiello, Ravello
We stayed at the Villa Scarpiello in Ravello. It's not technically in the town of Ravello which was 1700 steps above us, but perched literally on the edge of the earth above the pristine and achingly blue waters of the Golf of Salerno.  We met two groups of people early in our stay and ended up having a wonderful time with them--we even had a party the second to last night. Rob and Gayle Macchi, Sheila and Angelo all from Boston and Rob, Tina and Madeline from Toronto. Adele and Madeline are very close in age and had so much fun together. 

Isle of Capri
We actually spent the whole day in Capri with Tina, Rob and Madeline. We're so glad we did as without their encouragement we probably wouldn't have made the long journey down to the sea from the top of the Isle of Capri. But what we found at the bottom was worth every step back up. We found a delightful "beach club" complete with a restaurant with fresh seafood and pasta. It was the perfect place to while away a couple of hours with our new friends away from the maddening crowds of Capri. Despite it being overrun with tourists, we all found Capri captivating and this is the only place on the Amalfi coast we would return to. 

Marie Wexler
10/14/2010 02:11:50 am

Hi Terri,
Did you make it to Positano? We were there for 1 week 2 years ago. It was beautiful but the stairs were brutal. 124 stairs every time we left the house we were renting. Love reading about your adventures!

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