So, the heading is my opinion alone (although I think Vince would concur). I also must caveat the post by saying any city after Paris is bound to get the raw end of the deal. Steve and Adele hit another "life highlight" in less than 3 weeks--seeing the Tour de France. They had no problem sitting in the sun for 3 hours waiting for a millisecond blur to go by without any identifying human features. That was the Tour?? Vince was melting down and the crowds were smoking, ashing and pushing--not much fun we say. 

There is not much to do in Brussels for kids and that is the best measurement for rating a city- if the kids are happy, we are happy. I'm also using city parks as a means to rate a city, and here again Brussels failed miserably. We were there over the weekend and very little was open in terms of museums, galleries. 

The best part of the visit was our hour long  train trip out to Bruges, a 16th century town that basically stands as it has for centuries. The town is stunningly beautiful, but It was filled with tourists (heaven forbid we're amongst our own). Another cool place is the Atomium, which is made up of many spheres that represent people migrating, yet still being connected. You get a magnificent view of the city and we had a long, leisurely lunch while enjoying the view and each other. Oddly, the kids seem to do better with these long meals than the short, more rushed ones. 

Another  bright spot, on Sunday Adele and Steve got a much better view of the Tour and got to see actual riders as they left from the city park. More from Steve on this in "Dad's Perspective". 
7/7/2010 02:05:00 pm

When we went to the Netherlands last year we spent eleven days in Holland and one day in Belgium, which was plenty. That pretty much sums up what we thought of the country. (And what our Dutch friends thought of it as well.) Cool market in Antwerp, though. Eden sends big hugs to Adele. Love love & more love--H.

7/13/2010 07:32:39 am

Love following along on your adventure. Big fun to read about must be having the time of your life!

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