Enough with the crazy camping stories on with our travels....On our drive up/down the Mosel and Rhine rivers in Germany we saw the most amazing castles, some fully in tact, most in ruins . We stopped at the Rheinfels Castle and Fortress and spent a couple of fantastic hours exploring. After reading so many historical fiction and Anne Boleyn books and watching the Tudors it was very easy to imagine yourself living in the 15th century sneaking down a secret passage way for a tryst (not i of course) or handing food thru the bars in the dungeon to some poor, not long for this life soul. Oh I LOVED it and so did the kids and Steve. 
We really liked Germany-- It's a beautiful country! I felt quite at home amongst my people (maiden name Ginter) -they are fastidious, industrious, efficient and like most of the places we've been to--very eco conscious--recycling, all automated fixtures in public restrooms, etc. 
7/14/2010 02:58:39 pm

Gorgeous!!! I like the "Hotel" ever so slightly visible on the castle. What an amazing experience you are all having!

7/14/2010 03:07:21 pm

Teri! We miss you enormous!
It is great fun to read your version of events, and then Steve's (or the other way around). Very much a Teri said/Steve said kind of thing going on there. Extremely entertaining. You are both prolific and hilarious. Hey, if you can: please have Adele call Eden on Skype if the egregiously difficult time zone thing ever works in our favor. E. talks about A. all the time. xxo

Erica and Jack
7/20/2010 10:27:42 pm

G'day mates from OZ!
How ya goin'?
Love reading your adventures! We have also had some rainy adventures-no lightening though!
Heading to Borneo late tomorrow night...will be collecting rainforest info for Vince's first grade experience!
No luck trying to get on to Adele's website...any tips?
Will catch up with you soon!
E & J
(Hope you tried some of the Belgian brews...they truly are the best!!)

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