I arrived in Danang not knowing what to expect. I'd heard about this area from my dad. This is where the US Army had a huge base and where the famous China Beach is. I took some photos especially for dad of the old bunkers (still there) and of China Beach which is now a huge tourist destination filled with high rise hotels and casinos.

We visited My Son which are  ancient ruins of the Cham group which ruled most of Vietnam for quite some time. Due to a bad marriage match, the king eventually lost most of the Cham's land. The Cham were matriarchal, which meant amongst other things, that the king had to go live with his wife's family and follow her lead, even into the great hereafter. She died at a young age and due to custom the king was killed and sent off with her into her burial chambers, losing both his life and his kingdom--fascinating!

Hoi An is a UNESCO World Heritage site due to it's perfectly preserved french colonial town site. It's very charming, but really tailors solely to the tourist. Here is where you can also get custom clothes made for a song.
We had Adele an Ao Dais, a traditional Vietnamese costume. It's gloriously festooned with dragons and gold stitching to match t

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