We spent 5 days camping all throughout Holland and loved it. The countryside was beautiful and filled with sheep and windmills (modern ones). The town of Edam was  my favorite, not only for the cheese but for the fantastic 17th century house you can tour that includes a floating cellar that actually floats on the river and is attached to the house.
The Dutch coudn't be nicer and the cheese quite yummy, which leads me to my observations to date:
1)  One can live off cheese and bread (we have), oh and wine
2)  Not having to pay for a shower is a luxury! (one i miss a great deal)
3)  It's impossible to do a perfect load of laundry using instructions in a foreign language
4) Camping is A LOT of work, especially without friends to commiserate with
5) Camping is, by far the best and easiest way (unless you have a personal valet and driver) to see Europe
6) I ask, can one survive 24/7 for 2 months with spouse and kids living in a 100 sq ft house on wheels?

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