Kruger National Park was such an amazing experience!! For many weeks we put off planning this trip as we were overwhelmed by the myriad of high end safari options and really unwilling to pay the cost of entry. Finally, Steve dedicated a day to figuring it out and the net net was beyond perfect. We stayed in the park first at a main camp then at a "bush camp" in self-catering cottage along with 15 other cottages, both run by KNP and both highly preferable and economical.

We did 2 drives a day in our own car on our own schedule and saw pretty much every animal one can hope for-- except for lions. Fortunately we'd seen quite a few of them in Schotia and Addo Elephant Park Speaking of elephants, at night we heard the mighty elephants fighting, talking, moving, birthing--truly awe inspiring. During the day we spent countless hours just watching them and wondering just what they were thinking. We saw a baby shortly after it's birth and watched the whole clan help out: one guarding the area, another standing next to the mom as she tried to help her little one take it's first steps and the rest surrounding this whole priceless scene.

We had what I would say is a little more excitement that I care to admit when one night we lost electricity. Mind you, I'm happy to be out in the bush when I know there is an electric fence keeping the wild things out--this fence goes out right along with the lights. On top of that there is only a screen door keeping us in and them out! Not a happy mama. Steve was downright giddy with the excitement of it all, but not me. We were given a couple of candles and some sage advice "watch out for the snakes" from our highly competent (NOT) ranger.

I have to say, and I've heard many repeat the same words, Africa casts its spell on you and you really want to return time and time again. The people are warm and generous, the landscape stunning and the animal life is mind-blowing. We will be back!

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