We spent our last days in Paris enjoying some of its' most famous sites: the Louvre, the Rodin and the Arc de Triomphe. 

Steve and I enjoyed our 3rd night out on the town, thanks to our great babysitter Bette (highly recommend) and went to the Louvre. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but Steve could have done with a few less 2 story depictions of the Last Supper and I could have spent all day looking at the well built Romans fighting off mythical creatures and rubenesque women all in one fell swoop. Yes, there was the Mona Lisa (yawn!), but the beautiful buildings that showcases all that amazing art took all the kudos. 

We met up with our new friends the Suprenants at the Musee Rodin and all enjoyed the sculptures and the Van Goghs. 

Steve and Adele continued their quest to climb as many stairs as they can as they went to the top of the Arc de Triumphe, while Vince met his first Italian chica at the park-moulta bouna! 

Finally, we are a bit sad to have left la belle paris. We found the people warm and helpful, the city energetic and lively, the buildings stunning and the Village St. Paul welcoming and the perfect home away from home for us. Adieu Paris!

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7/4/2010 01:13:23 am

We are just back from a week at June Lake, fishing, boating, hiking, smacking mosquitos that attacked in squadrons...big fun! Returned to news of your blog, and have just spent an hour reading every word on every page, and looking at all your wonderful photos. Well done! I commented in Steve's blog area that I am officially jealous (in the best way). We will be reading along as you adventure your way around the planet. This is better than a reality show!

7/4/2010 06:08:11 am

While in Brussels be sure to buy Neuhaus chocolates. They are my favorite chocolates in the world. There is a shop just off the main square and perhaps others sprinkled around town. Melt in your mouth...

7/6/2010 07:23:13 am

Thank you for keeping us all updated and sharing wonderful bits of your journey with us! We'll be following you closely - can't wait to share it with Jared, Brett and Derek too.

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