Our final days in Germany were appropriately spent with our friends Jana and Mira in the tiny, beautiful village of Bühlerzell. Mira and her mother Jana lived down the street from us on Clifftop Way for a year. We stormed into their bucolic life 5 days earlier than planned. Mom had had enough of the rain and camping and begged Jana to let us come early. She and Mira were the most gracious of hostesses. They took us to truly the coolest town in Germany, Schwäbisch Hall--very artsy and hip. We started at the market where we bought the most amazing cheese, veggies and desserts. We then had a great lunch at this hip spot where the kids had there own corner upstairs to dine and we adults could actually talk. 
Back at home we were treated to the most delectable meals by both Jana and her friends. It was so close to being home that I almost cried. Adele and Mira reunited as if time had stood still. They spent 4 blissful days together doing what girls their age do--sharing ipod songs, dancing, putting on "shows" and exploring the woods. Our time here was heavenly. 

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