Our Baby Turns 9!!


Adele's 9th Birthday was on December 1st. We did all sorts of travel machinations to be on a tropical island for her birthday, we arrived at midnight the night before. It was a wonderful day! We were able to scare up some balloons and a beautiful birthday cake, her inbox was filled with birthday greetings from all her friends and family and she got exactly what she asked for: a few "cultural" gifts. Please see photo for her modeling one of her gifts. I have to say, I was brought to tears by the sheer joy she expressed in her simple, but meaningful gifts. Unlike other birthdays, it was VERY light given where we are and how little we can carry with us. We love you so much Adele!!
Debbie Markiles
12/24/2010 01:22:36 pm

Catching up on your travels and I am totally in awe!! Happy Birthday Adele!!

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