We are no longer in Switzerland, but it lingers like a constant ray of sunshine in our collective memories, albeit we had very little sun while we were there. 


Our tour started in Luzerne, a gorgeous, walkable city oozing charm. We walked the remainder of the ancient city wall, ate the most outrageously expensive fondue, saw some amazing Picasso's, Klee's at the Sammlung Rosengart, and spent the better part of the day exploring truly one of the best kid oriented museums we've ever been to, the Verkehrshaus Transportation museum. Loved every minute of Luzerne, but didn't stay long due to rain. 


If we had any foresight, we would have stayed here for weeks. The name of the town exudes all the allure of the area. This is the home of the holy grail of Jungfraujoch: the Eiger, the Munch and the Jungfrau mountain peaks. Now for an armchair mountaineer who back in the day had dreams of climbing serious mountains, there is no better place than to have a campsite at the base of these 3 magnificent mountains. 
We went to the "Top of Europe" via rail and they call this the place "between heaven and earth" and it couldn't be more true. We walked thru the Ice Palace carved into the glacier, Vince ate some snow, we saw the amazing mark ice has made on this earth and the movement of the monstrous Aletsch Glacier still carving its way down the mountain. 
The hills in Switzerland truly undulate and appear to be covered in this uniform green velvet and are dotted with the most beautiful chalets we've ever seen. There are gondolas everywhere to move people around for various activities such as hiking, paragliding, biking and luging! Yes, we did a summer luge that was such fun. 
After all this excitement in the pure mountain air it was hard to take ourselves away, but that is what we did and we moved on to other fun pursuits in Switzerland. 
9/4/2010 10:48:13 am

I loved Grindelwald--was there in 1989 and hiked up to a lodge, past cows grazing and wildflowers. Beautiful! It's still one of my favorite places on the globe. Would love to bring the girls there one day.

9/10/2010 01:57:13 pm

Your pictures are absolutely SPECTACULAR!! Must be published!

9/11/2010 04:49:27 pm

Debbie, Nelson and Lia
9/11/2010 04:53:00 pm

Hey Guys
It's been great reading about your adventures. The Utube updates are cool too.
Sorry it rained in my hometown, happens quite a bit ;)
Sounds like you still had a great time though. Did you get to see my brother?
I miss you guys on Thursdays;)
Enjoy and keep on blogging!
Love, Debbie, Nelson and Lia (who is walking!!)

9/12/2010 04:50:49 am

Some great photos!!! Looks like you're having fun...

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