Today was bittersweet. Yes, I've been dying for some down time to get things done, but for 7 months we Carcanos have been attached at the hip--literally and losing an appendage is painful. Both kids are now in school in Nelson, New Zealand. Vince didn't miss a beat as he joined the Nelson Montessori school where almost everything felt familiar, minus his PPM buddies. Adele started up at Nelson Central and is in a Year 5/6 class. She's used to be one of the older kids and here she's most definitely one of the youngest. She put on a brave face and forged into the class. I sat outside and cried. You can only imagine my relief when I heard what I already knew, she had a great first day! 
2/15/2011 02:38:45 pm

Nice to hear that you all are settling in! Back to a routine yet?

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