Tourists in Paris


Today in Paris--the good--Green Day in concert-Adele's first! the bad--the lines at the eiffel tower. the ugly--teri has been targeted by pigeons as a dumping ground for flying excrement--YUK! 
6/29/2010 10:53:46 pm

Wow! the door to the apt. is awesome. And the picture of the kids viewing the garden like the picture of the kids watching the tennis match at Wimbledon just conveys how amazing an experience you guys are giving them. Enjoy your travels!

6/30/2010 01:23:03 pm

Beautiful pics. Funny you running into the Supprenants. Alexandra is Tuck's class mate. You look happy! So jealous....xo

Marie Wexler
6/30/2010 02:43:07 pm

How funny that you ran into the Suprenants in Paris! What a small world. Looks like you are having a great time in Paris! If you go to Ille de la cite, there is a great ice cream place there.

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